5 Ways Using Professional Movers Can Make Your Move Easier

Whether you’re relocating down the road or across the country, moving is a colossal task. Packing boxes, organizing your household goods and the physical labour of hauling furniture in and out of trucks is no picnic. Thankfully, Burgess Transfer—a Dartmouth based Halifax moving company—can help ease the load. Here are five ways our pro movers can help make your move a lot easier.

  1. No heavy lifting

    Fridges, stoves, couches, beds, desks and tables are just the start. A house full of goods will also include TVs, laundry machines, a dishwasher, rugs, lamps, shelves and dozens upon dozens of boxes worth of personal items. These items often need to be moved up and down stairs, in and out of trucks and ultimately positioned in their designated places in your new home. Saving yourself the exhausting agony of all that heavy labour is more than a boon, it’s an outright blessing. 
  2. All the equipment

    Trucks, ramps and dollies in assorted sizes and styles. Boxes, packing tape, and furniture pads. These are the most crucial tools of the trade and we have them all. More importantly, we know how to use them quickly, efficiently and safely. 
  3.  Efficient packing

    Sure, you could hire professional movers and still do your own packing but why take on that hassle when there’s no need? Efficient packing is an art form that each member of our Halifax team has mastered. You can save a huge amount of your precious time and energy by allowing us to do the packing for you. Not only will you be able to take a much needed breather, but you’ll also be able to rest assured that all your items will be properly stowed, protected and organized by our adept employees. 
  4. Protection of your goods

    There are two ways that professional movers protect your items. The first of these is to implement proper strategies for packing, moving and loading. The second is to offer our clients replacement value protection. A similar concept to that of insurance, you pay an additional nominal amount to ensure that in the event that your goods are lost, stolen or broken while in transit, we’ll pay the cost to have your items replaced or repaired. 
  5. Hands free cleaning

    Burgess Transfer prides itself on being a full service company. We understand that one of the biggest hassles that comes with moving is the heavy duty cleaning that’s required. We work closely with Merry Maids to provide you a clean house to hand over to new owners and an immaculate home to move into when you arrive at your new location. 

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