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Tips For Moving With Kids And Pets

Moving can be a stressful experience for the entire family, but kids and pets are particularly vulnerable. These family members require you to put them at ease and soothe away any anxiety the move might induce. Here’s how to make the transition a little easier for your children and animal companions.

Before the move

Moving can be made easier on kids by giving them plenty of opportunities to be involved in the process. From house hunting to packing to meeting with your residential movers, children should be allowed to help out. Even the smallest hands can toss a few plush toys into a box. In addition, both kids and pets should be given the opportunity, if possible, to explore their new home and neighbourhood before you move. If you’re moving out of Halifax and this isn’t feasible, you can share pictures and maps with youngsters to give them a sense of their new home.

During the move

Prepare a moving bag for each family member that’ll be easily accessible throughout your big day. For children these bags might include special games, books and toys for company and comfort, as well as favourite snacks, pillows, blankets, a change of clothes, toiletries and other such items. Moving bags for pets should include similar types of items including toys, blankets, food, treats, feeding bowls, grooming tools, and medications.

Transportation to your new home should be made as comfortable as possible for each family member. Children and pets need enough room to feel safe and snug throughout the trip. Smaller pets can be placed in cages or crates, while large dogs generally require a kennel.

Always keep a close eye on pets during your move and the days following. If they should happen to get lost, they won’t easily be able to find their way back to you.

After the move

The first night in a new home can be overwhelming for young children and pets. To avoid overloading pets with new sights, sounds and smells, allow them to sleep in their travel crates or in a single room. Set them up with their usual beds and any objects they are accustomed to keeping nearby. Likewise, children should be set up in their own bedrooms. If it’s impossible to have their rooms entirely unpacked by nightfall, try to at least provide their regular bedding and one or two familiar objects.

As much as possible, as soon as possible, try to resume your usual schedule. Bedtimes and mealtimes should be quickly re-established and other routines need to be implemented to give everyone a sense of continuity.

Making your move easier

Moving isn’t likely to be a stress-free event, but it can be made much easier by hiring Burgess Transfer & Storage. We’ve provided qualified residential movers, quality packing supplies and cost-effective storage space for Halifax citizens over the last 60 years. For a free quote on the services our moving company offers, contact us today.
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