Moving contents in Halifax

Tips for Packing and Transporting Your Fragile Items

At Burgess Transfer, we’ve come to believe that packing is both a science and an art. This holds especially true when it comes to your most fragile items. Getting them safely transported during a residential move requires precision and care. Of course our masterful team of movers can give you a hand, but if you do choose to pack for your Halifax move on your own, here are some of our best tips for protecting your items.


The best way of moving electronics is to reposition them in their original packaging, including all the accompanying Styrofoam bits. If you neglected to keep the original packaging, the next best thing is to use a corrugated box slightly larger than the item. Employ bubble wrap, crushed paper, and microfoam to keep items secure and unscratched within their boxes. Package accompanying components separately. 


Remove light bulbs and shades from the bases of lamps. Wrap the bases in bubble wrap or packing paper. Place lamp bases in thick cardboard boxes, using paper or bubble wrap at the bottom and top of the box and also to fill up any unused space within. Pack lamp shades separately.


Mirrors and pictures are best transported in specially designed cardboard cartons or wooden packing crates depending on their value. For standard pictures you can use a cardboard carton and packing paper. Burgess Transfer recommends that you hire professionals to pack your mirrors and large glass items otherwise you can purchase specialized packing material from us.

Dishes, Stemware and other Breakables

Use the thickest new boxes you have for transporting your breakables. Always start by placing a layer of paper at the bottom. Do the same at the top before you seal the box closed. Use bubble wrap or unmarked newsprint paper to wrap up each individual piece. Always pack plates on their sides. Fill bowls and glassware with crumpled up paper and use packaging paper to fill up any empty space. All cups like glasses and stemware should be packed upside down, glass opening facing down.

We can make your move easier

Moving is a huge task but thankfully there’s help. At Burgess Transfer, we provide complete moving services from packing to transport and everything in between. Our professional residential movers are based out of Dartmout hand can help with moves within Halifax and elsewhere in North America. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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