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Protecting Your Goods in Transit

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The following descriptions apply to long distance moves within Canada. Please ask your moving consultant about similar coverages regarding moves to and from the United States, international moves and local moves.

Valuation is the term used in the moving industry for the protection of your goods against loss or damage while they are in the care of your moving company. Valuation is not insurance, although it works in much the same way. There are two types available to you and you should take care to select the one most suited to the value of your shipment.

Option 1: Released Rate Protection

This no-additional cost plan provides minimal protection, which will not be adequate unless you will be reimbursed for losses by another party or your goods are of nominal value. Lost or damaged items are settled on the basis of .60 per pound per article. For example, a chair valued at $250 and weighing 20 lbs. would be settled at 20 lbs. X .60 = $12.

Option 2: Replacement Value Protection

For an additional charge, you can increase the carrier liability coverage on your shipment. Under this option, our maximum liability is the lump sum value you declare on your shipment. If an item is lost, destroyed or damaged, due to handling by United Van Lines personnel, United Van Lines will pay the cost of repair (where possible) or replacement. The nominal added cost to you for this full coverage is based on the declared value of your shipment.

Certain exceptions apply and some items may be exempt from coverage. Please ask your moving consultant or refer to our booklet, “Protecting your Goods in Transit”

Tour your home prior to your move, and calculate the value of your household goods. This will help you determine how much coverage will be adequate for your shipment. Ask your moving consultant for a copy of our flyer, “Protecting Your Goods in Transit”. It contains all the valuation information you will need to make an informed decision and will help you choose a protection option to fit your needs.

Service Guarantee

Burgess Transfer has committed to providing quality service at competitive prices for over 60 years. We guarantee a superior moving service through our affiliation with United Van Lines (Canada) Limited and through our commitment to providing well trained, professional moving staff and state of the art equipment. We believe that providing a full range of moving services and putting the customer first is the best way to maintain and grow a strong business. Free estimates are available for long distance and local moving and storage. We will not promise anything that we can’t deliver and will look after your move to the best of our ability.

United Van Lines Quality Service Awards

Burgess Transfer & Storage Limited

Each year, quality awards are presented to members of United Van Lines (Canada) Limited for outstanding quality service as rated by United customers across Canada. Only those members who meet or exceed the benchmark are able to receive an award.

Burgess Transfer has won many quality awards in the past.

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