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If you’re looking for a Halifax moving company, you want to make sure you hire a company that will meet your basic needs. You may have read horror stories online about movers who have broken belongings, never shown up for a move or charged extra fees without informing the client. 

These consumer complaints about movers have caused reputable moving companies, consumer associations and the government to become concerned about the moving industry. Thus, the Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers was established to address these concerns.

Burgess Transfer promises to adhere to these Good Practice Guidelines, as outlined by the Office of Consumer Affairs—a multi-stakeholder working group that was formed by Industry Canada to develop the Good Practice Guidelines as well as a Consumer Checklist to assist movers.

Outline of the Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers

At Burgess Transfer, we’re invested in our customers. That’s why we promise to meet your moving needs and adhere to the Good Practice Guidelines. These guidelines act as a complement to legal protections already in place and are designed to 1) help movers identify and adhere to high standards of service and 2) help consumers select reputable and ethical professional movers. In order to meet the Good Practice Guidelines, movers must provide clients with:

  • Outlines of customer and mover rights and responsibilities, liabilities, limitations and more
  • Written estimates of costs that will be abided by 
  • Descriptive inventory of goods to be moved in long distance moves and will be authorized prior to the move 
  • Bill of lading at the time of pickup, clearly outlining service details
  • Certified scales to weigh shipments that are charged by weight
  • Fulfillment of arrangements made for servicing a shipment
  • Copy of the bill of lading or invoice on delivery with clear descriptions of charges and services
  • Written acknowledgement within 30 days of receipt of written loss or damage claims
  • Prompt and fair attempts to resolve disputes concerning loss or damage claims
  • Fair and accurate communication with the public
  • Assurance that any agent working in conjunction with the movers also complies with these guidelines
  • Clean and maintained facilities and equipment

Moving is an already stressful time, what with choosing your new home, packing up all of your belongings and making personal arrangements in a new town. When you hire a company to move your personal belongings from your old home to your new home, you should be able to trust the movers. By adhering to the Good Practice Guidelines, we hope to help you feel comfortable in our services.

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If you want to ensure you’re hiring a reputable company that adheres to the Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers, then contact our movers in Halifax. We’re invested in our customers, and it’s our job to make sure you’re happy with your move and that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

To reduce some of the stresses associated with moving, we offer you our professional tips and tricks to make your move a more organized experience as well as a moving blog full of ideas on how to hire the best Halifax moving company for the job.

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