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Corporate Moves in Halifax & Dartmouth

Running a business with multiple locations is an arduous task. Being in control of offices in locations that you aren’t present at can be stressful, and determining how many employees are needed at each location is an ever-changing equation. When you decide it’s time to move an employee to a new location, you want your employee to be excited about the opportunity. One aspect of helping promote your employee transfers is by helping them move to their new location.

This doesn’t mean you go to their house or apartment to help them pack; instead, you call movers in Halifax. Burgess Transfer offers corporate moving in Halifax for employees of companies of all sizes.

The Difference Between Corporate & Office Moves

Corporate relocation moves are not to be confused with office moves. During a corporate relocation move, we help move an employee’s household goods from one city to another for companies who are transferring their employees. These moves are generally covered by the employer. We schedule the move with the employee and bring their already-packed items from one location to another. Because it is important that these moves go as smoothly as possible for both the employee and the employer, it’s a good idea to choose a reliable company for your corporate moves in Halifax and Dartmouth.

Office moves are moves where Burgess Transfer moves an organization’s office furniture and equipment from one location to another. These services are used for companies that are expanding or downsizing, not transferring employees. Generally, our office moves remain within the Halifax area. We can help your office administrator with the planning, packing, relocation, and set up on these moves. Organizations usually invite us to visit the office before a move is scheduled to provide a quote for these moves.

Corporate moving in Halifax can be seen as both good and bad. When you ask an employee to transfer, you can help them out by hiring a moving company to provide them with a stress-free transfer. Contact Burgess Transfer for all of your corporate relocation move needs.

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