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Cross Canada Moving Service

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. In moving and especially in long distance moving, that first step is to develop a plan that will accomplish the tasks and, above all, a plan that you and your family will feel comfortable with. Let our years of experience help you with this. Planning is the key to any successful move. The Burgess Transfer and the United Van Lines long distance moving systems have been designed to provide the most effective service for you. Here’s how it will work.

The moving consultant will provide you with:

  • An estimate of the cost of your move
  • A full explanation of the services offered by Burgess Transfer and United Van Lines
  • A period of time during which your shipment will be delivered at destination
  • Advice about other moving related details
  • A package of added value services we call NEW HORIZONS

On packing day, if you have requested this service, your moving consultant will send a packing crew to your house, normally 1 to 2 days before moving day. Proper packing and preparation of your household possessions are vital to every successful long distance move. You have invested a lot of care and money in your belongings. When you move them, you want to be certain they will arrive safely. The best way to do that is to ensure they are packed properly, using the best available materials. A trained and experienced packing team will bring the skills and techniques developed over many years in business, reinforced with regular training.

On moving day, your van operator and his loading crew will arrive to load your goods into his van or container. As an experienced fleet driver, he has proven himself with years of experience, training and customer service. Your van operator is a certified United Van Lines carrier.

Once you arrive at your destination and your new home is ready for shipment delivery, call your United Van Lines destination member who is listed on your bill of lading. Your destination member will also help you with such things as removing packing materials (if appropriate), submitting a claim (if necessary) and third party services such as reconnecting your appliances.

When the van operator arrives at your new home, he and his crew will unload, unwrap and place your possessions in the house as you direct them.

In addition to being experts in the physical handling of your move, Burgess Transfer and United Van Lines are specialists in the support services that help make your long distance move smoother and more relaxed. There are a series of added-value services to lighten the load of relocating. Our New Horizons kit offers you assistance with a variety of move related products and services.

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