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Burgess Transfer & Storage Limited: Local Moves in Halifax & Dartmouth

Burgess Transfer conducts local moves within a 60 km radius of Halifax. As your reliable movers in Halifax, we operate in any weather and protect your possessions from the conditions and the transportation process. We use plastic sheeting to shield your belongings from rain or snow and wrap thick packing blankets around furniture to protect the piece’s finish against scratches. Our hand trucks allow us to move multiple items at a time and transport heavy objects with ease. To help keep all of your items safe, please make sure you write a big “Fragile” note on the box so we know to take even more care of it!

You can also depend on Burgess Transfer to be your movers in Dartmouth. Our punctual, attentive movers and drivers are polite and respectful of your property. We’re also always willing to help! If you’re unable to disassemble a bed frame or roll up a large area rug by yourself, just leave it to us. We want you to have a smooth, safe move and want to assist you in every way that we can, which is why we offer storage and packing solutions along with our moving services. When you schedule your move, let us know if you need supplies like heavy-duty boxes, packing material, tape or protective wrapping – we have it all right here ready for you so you’re not running back and forth to the store.

Burgess Transfer: The Dependable Movers in Dartmouth

Rely on Burgess Transfer’s movers in Dartmouth or Halifax for a move where the only surprise is how easily you make the transition to your new place! A local move is charged by the hour, depending on the size of the van, the number of people employed on the move, plus the cost of extra services, such as packing, storage, valuation, etc. Charges are based on the actual time on the job plus driving time between your residence and our Halifax based office. Preparation before the move is your key to keeping moving costs down.

Arrangements for a local move are normally made with us over the telephone. They should be made at least two weeks before your moving date. If you wish to move at the end of a month or during the summer, making arrangements as far in advance as possible is advisable due to increased volume during those periods.

The following information will assist us in preplanning your move in Halifax and help us estimate its probable cost as accurately as possible:

  • How many rooms are in your home (do not include bathrooms)?
  • If you are moving to or from an apartment, what floor is the apartment on and are there any elevators?
  • Are there goods stored in the basement, locker or at an offsite location?
  • Do you have a piano, a freezer or any such large items and where are they located?
  • Are there any articles which because of their size, weight, location or fragility may cause a problem during the move?

Office Moving

Burgess transfer has been offering office moving in Halifax for many years. We’re able to provide estimates and advice in order to help you plan for almost any office or commercial move. You can read more about our office moves here or contact us for a free consultation.

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